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Creative Eating Tips You Can Do for Your Senior Loved Ones

Creative Eating Tips You Can Do for Your Senior Loved Ones

As we get older, we tend to lose the flexibility of our stomachs. This somehow triggers the brain to believe that the stomach is still full, making the senior elderly feel like they are still full when they are actually not. As we age, our appetites will suddenly increase and dramatically drop. Our metabolism also slows down due to lesser activities done in a day, which is why we need to exercise to help our body’s circulation.

The senior elderly may need more attention when it comes to their appetites. Help them get the needed nutrition for their bodies through the following creative ways that will get them to eat better at home.

  • Make Smoothies and JuicesFresh smoothies and juices are better drink alternatives compared to caffeinated ones. Fresh vegetables like beets, carrots, and kale are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals and can be blended for easier consumption. Oranges, pineapples, and strawberries are great sources of vitamin C that help promote a stronger immune system. Providers of in-home care services can help prepare fresh fruit smoothies that will help entice your loved ones to enjoy their meal plans with a fresh drink in hand. Mix and match different fruits for a new flavor combination that they will surely enjoy drinking.
  • Chilled and Frozen SnacksAnother purpose for blending fruits is for frozen or chilled snacks that you can serve to your senior loved ones. By utilizing small reusable containers or baking molds, you can pour the blended fruits or smoothies into the mold to create a frozen fruity treat. You can also slice up the fruits and keep them chilled to have a cool snack on hot summer afternoons.
  • Practice Food PlatingYou can also try your hand on food plating to bring your kitchen skills up a notch. Your senior loved ones will surely enjoy seeing a delectable arrangement of their meals when you creatively serve them simple dishes at home.

These are just some suggestions from your friendly provider of Home Care Services in Broward County, Florida, especially on how you can get your aging loved ones to eat. But most of all, when you get the chance, share meals with them so they can see their family getting together and bonding over a meal.

Call us at TLC Nursing Registry for a free home health assessment for creative nutrition steps that will benefit your senior loved ones.

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