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Parkinson’s Disease And The Elderly

Parkinson’s Disease And The Elderly: Creating A Safe Haven At Home

Apart from receiving Home Health Care in Florida to address their conditions, older adults and those with Parkinson’s disease will also require assistance to ensure their safety. Here are tips that you, as a family member, can do.

  1. Eliminate clutter.Clutter is probably among the top things that increases fall risk in the elderly and those with Parkinson’s disease. Remember, your senior loved ones will have a hard time moving around, so leaving things lying around can be dangerous no matter how small they may be.

    Make it a habit to keep the floor and pathways clutter-free. Put items back in their original storage places immediately after use. If you have children around, remind them not to leave their toys lying on the floor to avoid any untoward accident. A provider of Home Care Services in Broward County, Florida can also perform regular routine cleanups.

  2. Take a look at the bathroom.Your loved ones’ risk of falls is potentially high when they are in the bathroom. The floor is usually wet and slippery. Once they slip, they might hit their heads or other body parts on the sink, toilet, or cement.

    You have to make the bathroom as safe as possible. It will be best to use non-slip mats on the floor to minimize the risk of slipping and falling even when the surface is wet. Remind your loved ones not to lock their bathroom doors, so they can easily get help if something untoward happens. Hanging a sign on the door is an alternative to locking the door.

  3. Don’t forget the kitchen.Look around the kitchen and identify potential hazards. A provider of In-home care services can regularly check this place for various hazards as they arise. Try to store pots, pans, and other utensils in areas that your loved ones can easily reach without having the need to step on a ladder or chair. Check the fridge for expired food products and throw them out. Check for leaks in the faucets, ovens, or stoves. Organize grocery items accordingly.
  4. Check the furniture.Furniture may serve as pieces of nostalgia in your loved ones’ homes, but it can also pose dangers if it’s not as sturdy as it was before.

    Evaluate if it is still safe for use. Choose furniture that your family members can easily stand up from. Also, refrain from using straight-edged tables, drawers, and cabinets, among others. Go for rounded ones or apply covers to them, instead.

  5. Make the necessary installations to improve safety.Some installations you can consider include setting up brighter lights in dim areas of the house, grab bars in the bathroom or even at the side of the bed, widening of pathways to areas your loved ones frequently go to, and more.

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