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Walking Assistance To Dad With Parkinson’s

Providing Walking Assistance To Your Aging Dad With Parkinson’s Disease

Walking and other movements will be tough for anyone with Parkinson’s disease. If your aging dad has this condition, your assistance will be crucial in his mobility. You can provide the assistance he needs when walking through the following pointers:

  1. Consider using mobility aids.A lot of devices have been manufactured to assist people with mobility issues. These include canes, walkers, crutches and more. Check with the doctor about which mobility aid is appropriate for your parent’s situation. It is important for your dad to use the right device. Otherwise, it can only make the situation worse.
  2. Ask if he needs help.Senior individuals want to hold on to their independence. They would want to take control of their lives for as long as possible. Before assisting your dad, ask if he needs your assistance. As much as you would want to be there for him, it will be better to have him ask for your help. This way, he can preserve his dignity and independence.

    You might also want to discuss the benefits of taking advantage of Home Care Services in Broward County, Florida. This will be useful when you are not around.

  3. Let your parent set the pace.Those with Parkinson’s disease will generally be slower in their movements. So, it is but right to let your parent set the pace when walking. Match his pace accordingly.

    While your dad finds his pace, be his physical support. Hold his hand or guide him in the direction he should be walking towards. Telling him about possible objects along the way, such as a step, will also help.

  4. Help him restart walking during a freezing episode.A freezing episode is common in individuals with Parkinson’s. This is where they seem to freeze, unable to start walking or moving.

    You or a provider of Home Care Services in Broward County, Florida can help him restart walking through a variety of tricks such as:

    • pointing a laser on the floor to which your dad should step towards
    • singing a song and trying to walk to the beat
    • counting
    • changing the direction to where he should walk
  5. Be extra mindful when he is using the stairs.Always be on the lookout for possible slips or falls. Be ready to be his physical support in case he loses his balance. Make sure that the stairs also have handles that he can grab on to.

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