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Tips to Improve Senior Safety: Is Your Doorway Safe?

Tips to Improve Senior Safety: Is Your Doorway Safe?

Do you have an elderly loved one who wants to age in place? Many senior individuals also prefer to age at the comforts of their own home. However, this same comfortable home can also be unsafe for them due to many factors.

For that reason, as an in-home care services provider, we encourage you to ensure your loved one’s safety. One of the important areas at home that should have safety precautions in place is the doorway. The entrance and exit points at home are risky for our aging individuals. They can lose their balance or trip on the doormat. Here are some safety tips to consider:

  • Doorway ThresholdIf possible, there should be no doorway threshold for people to step over. Yet, when it is needed, make it as short as half an inch from the floor.
  • Door WidthWiden the doorways to accommodate wheelchairs. The standard wheelchair has a width of 24-27 inches. This way, even if a provider of Home Care Services for Seniors is assisting your loved one who is on a wheelchair, they can make a smooth and safe entrance through the door.
  • Door SwingAs a provider of Home Care Services in Broward County, Florida, we also observed how doors are safer when they swing open indoors. With this arrangement, the senior person can simply step inside after opening.
  • Door KnobsThe levered handles are a great alternate for rounded doorknobs because their handles are easier to twist. However, make sure that the levers don’t accidentally get caught in belt loops or other clothing, causing the senior to lose balance and fall. As a facility that provides home care services for the elderly, we want to warn you that falling in seniors can lead to devastating consequences. Always remind your seniors to be mindful as well.
  • Entrance StepsIf entrance steps are present, these should have railings for seniors to hold on to. Also, the steps should be wide enough for the person and their walking aid.

Does your aging loved one need further assistance? We have providers of Home Health Care in Florida who can assist them. To inquire about our services, ask us at TLC Nursing Registry.

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