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Putting a Stop to Elderly Abuse


A heavy topic we need to discuss is the prevalence of elderly abuse. Abuse can happen to any older adult, but often affects those who depend on others for help with activities of everyday life, including bathing, dressing, and taking medicine. People who are frail may appear to be easy victims. Likely targets are older adults with no family or friends nearby and people with disabilities, memory problems, or dementia.

As a provider of home care services for seniors, it hurts us to know that this problem continues to this day, and as such, we aim to be a part of the movement to stop elder abuse.

As your trusted provider of home care services in Broward County, Florida, we at TLC Nursing Registry aim to put a stop to elder abuse by employing safe caregiving practices. We make it a point to hire qualified and skilled caregivers who will go over and beyond when it comes to their senior client’s needs. We make sure to thoroughly check our caregivers’ backgrounds regarding their education, health, work history, and local and international police records.

Being a purveyor of dependable and hard-working in-home care services, we make sure to educate our clients to look out for the most common types of elder abuse, which are financial, emotional, physical, sexual, neglect, and abandonment.

Any form of abuse or disrespect toward our seniors will not be tolerated by our agency. Any caregiver from our home health care in Florida caught hurting their clients will face immediate legal action. The same goes for family members caught maltreating their elderly relatives.

Thus, we encourage you to please report signs of abuse. Seek help from local authorities immediately.

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