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Nonverbal Communication With Dementia Patients

Nonverbal Communication With Dementia Patients

Communicating can be challenging especially for patients with dementia. Because of their condition, changes in their brain have impacted the way they hear, understand, and respond to a conversation. It can get frustrating when you do not seem to understand them.

You can adapt to match your loved one. By changing your communication techniques, your loved one can understand you easier and you will be able to process their responses for the better.

Facial expressions are powerful nonverbal expressions. You can express what you feel without saying a word. Many expressions are universal across cultures. Pay attention to their facial expression to understand how they are responding to the environment or your questions.

Posture and body movements tell a lot about how a person is. Their mood and state of mind can be easily reflected with their body movements. Notice how they may feel different when surrounded by other people or there is something new in the house.

Touch enables subtle communication while reassuring the connection between the patient and the caregiver. Sometimes, when a dementia patient feels anxious and at a loss for words, a gentle and reassuring pat at the back can be calming.

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