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Five Risks Faced by Seniors Who Live Alone

Five Risks Faced by Seniors Who Live Alone

A lot of seniors prefer to stay in their homes even if it means living alone. For most of them, being in a familiar environment is quite reassuring. However, seniors who live alone may face some problems which can put their safety and health at risk. If you have a senior loved one who lives alone, ensure you are aware of the following risks your loved one may deal with:

  • They Are Prone to Mental Health IssuesSeniors who live on their own are prone to anxiety and depression that could make them lose their interest in things they used to enjoy. These mental health issues also manifest in physical ways. Depressed seniors are likely to look lethargic and experience some discomforts. Those with anxiety experience a lot of symptoms such as dry mouth, insomnia, shallow breath and more. Because anxiety can be mistaken for age-related conditions, somebody should watch for these signs. This makes it important for seniors to consider Home Care Services in Broward County, Florida. The companionship we provide helps seniors prevent depression.
  • Falls and InjuriesAs seniors age, they have an increased risk of falling and getting injured. Falls are a leading cause of senior fatality and immobility. They can happen because of poor vision, poor balance, arthritis and other factors. A provider of Home Health Care in Florida can assess your senior’s home to determine if there is a need to install grab bars, handles, or railings or if there are others safety concerns.
  • Medication OverdoseA lot of seniors are taking more than one type of medication. Prescription medications must be taken as prescribed but because of the different details regarding the administration, seniors may end up overdosing their meds. Family members can provide pill reminders and containers to organize the pills their loved one has to take every day. However, aging can make them forget when to take a certain medicine. That is why older adults should consider in-home care services to have a responsible assistant to ensure they have taken their medicine on time.
  • MalnutritionSeniors need a balanced diet for their well-being. But those who live on their own are prone to malnutrition because of factors such as limited finances, decreased cognitive functioning, depression, and reduced mobility. Usually, older adults are satisfied with eating in small portions; however, they need to have access to healthy food such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains.
  • Home Maintenance and HygieneWith reduced physical abilities, illness and other issues, seniors who live alone may not be able to maintain their home. This can result in unsanitary conditions which may compromise their health. Aging people who live alone should have assistance with housekeeping to ensure they stay in a sanitary home and personal care to maintain their hygiene.

TLC Nursing Registry is here to let seniors maintain their independence when they’ve chosen to live at home. We match them with trained and experienced home care aides.

Interested in our services? Give us a call today! We want to help you or your loved one continue to enjoy the familiarity and comfort of your own residence without compromising your health!

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