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Essential Vitamins and Supplements for Seniors

Essential Vitamins and Supplements for Seniors

Our body changes as we age. Along with this are our metabolism and the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and nutrients. Even as we maintain a balanced and nutritious diet, we may still become prone to nutrient deficiencies in our old age. As a provider of home health care in Florida we always take into account the nutrition of our senior clients.

Here are some essential vitamins that should be incorporated into their diet:

  • CalciumThis keeps the bones strong and helps prevent fractures
  • Vitamin DThis works with calcium. It may be more difficult for seniors to absorb vitamin D. This is why they may need vitamin-D fortified products such as milk, cereals, and supplements.
  • Vitamin B6This is needed to form red blood cells.
  • Vitamin B12This helps maintain red blood cells and nerves. This is also a vitamin that seniors may find trouble absorbing naturally from food.

As a provider of in-home care for seniors, we recommend our senior clients consult their doctor before taking any vitamin supplement.

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