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Different Ways to Motivate Seniors to Exercise


Physical activity is one of the best ways for seniors to keep their bodies strong and avoid health complications.

But how can you motivate a senior who is thinking about giving up exercise due to their old age? Don’t worry, TLC Nursing Registry is here to give you a few tips we use at our home health care in Florida.

  • Make some new friends.Finding a supportive exercise group will help your loved one enjoy physical activity a whole lot more.

    If you don’t have anyone to accompany your elderly loved one during their workouts, you can always give In-home care services a try.

  • Create a rewards system.Keep your loved ones motivated by creating a rewards system for every time they meet a fitness goal. It could be a trip to their favorite team’s game, gift cards at their favorite stores, or even a trip to their favorite restaurants.

    Allowing your senior to enjoy a day outdoors can be made safer with home care services for seniors.

  • Make exercise easy.
    Day-to-day activities such as chores, cooking, and even laundry can make your senior feel like proper exercise is no longer needed. Take those obstacles out of the equation by working with In-home care services.
  • Do it together.
    Your senior may feel more motivated if they can do exercises with their loved ones. So try scheduling group exercises every now and then.

If you’re concerned about your senior’s safety, don’t worry. In-home care for seniors can help you there.

These were a few of our handy tips for keeping your loved ones motivated to stick to their daily workouts. Just remember, if ever need help with home care services in Broward County, Florida, feel free to reach out!

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