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Dealing with Itchy Skin? Know Where to Start

Dealing with Itchy Skin? Know Where to Start

Some skin allergies run through bloodlines while some individuals develop reactions along the way.

As providers of Home Health Care in Florida, we suggest these 3 quick tips to remember to keep skin infections at bay:

  1. Change the bed covers regularlyThrough our In-home care services, you can ensure that your loved one gets to sleep in clean sheets regularly. Soiled sheets can cause rashes, and wet mattresses can become hosts to different microorganisms that can cause bacterial or fungal skin infections. Seniors with low immune systems may easily be affected by an infection.
  2. Check skin conditionsWhen your loved one starts developing red, itchy areas on their skin, call their doctor as soon as possible to avoid any further development of the said condition. Some skin rashes may look harmless but can get serious when they do not get treated.

    Skin irritations to look out for:

    • Rashes – Can be caused by dry skin or allergies, over-scratching can lead to open wounds and infections.
    • Hives – Start out as red, itchy bumps caused by food, drug or drink allergies.
    • Psoriasis – Red scaly patches of skin that may keep recurring without treatment.
    • Melanoma – Most common type of skin cancer that looks like moles but changes in color or size over time.
    • Athlete’s Foot – Fungal infections that may need topical antifungal creams or ointments.
  3. Start a skincare routineA good skincare routine can help soothe dry skin by using deep-moisturizing lotions that are also non-hypoallergenic to avoid further skin reactions. Part of a good skincare routine is proper hydration since it greatly contributes to our skin’s elasticity that keeps us from getting flaky, dry skin.

Your senior loved one can avoid preventable skin irritations with the care and supervision of our Home Care Services in Broward County, Florida. Now, families can have that extra peace of mind knowing their loved one can stay happy and healthy with a caregiver with them at home.

Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term care for your senior loved one here in Florida, TLC Nursing Registry may just have the care solutions for your family member. Call us at 888-817-6217 to personalize the care your senior loved one needs.

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