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Common Infections Among Seniors

Common Infections Among Seniors

It’s no surprise to hear that our immune systems weaken as we age. Older adults are at a high risk of getting infections and to experience severe health complications as a result of that as well.

TLC Nursing Registry is here to discuss some of the most common infections among older adults so that you may be aware of what to be wary of. Take a look:

  • Influenza. Many seniors over the age of 65 are admitted to the hospital due to pneumonia, making this a common and dangerous infection. To protect your loved one, make sure to get their vaccines updated as well as invest in a quality in-home care services to keep your loved one’s health in check.
  • Urinary Tract Infection. This may come as a surprise but UTI is quite common among the elderly population. Seniors tend to not drink as much water to avoid rushing to the bathroom, and this needs to be addressed. Getting home care services for Seniors will give them access to continence and incontinence care from seasoned caregivers.
  • Colds. As the months grow colder, winter viruses get stronger. Keep your loved one safe by keeping them warm and eating healthy every day. In-home care for seniors can help make sure your loved one is safe from the winter chills.
  • Skin infections. Yes, skincare is also important for the elderly because senior skin produces less natural oils and experience less elasticity. Make sure your loved one is using products with gentle ingredients. A caregiver that offers home health care in Florida can help you in keeping your loved one’s skin healthy and safe from infections.

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