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Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors

Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors

Creating a safe home environment for a senior loved one includes an assessment of the bathroom. It is the place where most accidents at home occur. Slipping in the shower or tripping on the way to the toilet at night can cause serious injuries. To improve bathroom safety at home, you need to know how to eliminate fall hazards. As a provider of home care services in Broward County, Florida, we provide some important bathroom safety tips to help you in keeping your loved ones safe while at home:

  • Install grab bars.Bathroom assessment is necessary for effective in-home care services. One of the first things you should do to ensure the safety of your bathroom is to install grab bars. This can help your senior loved ones in keeping their balance and to avoid slipping.
  • Put in nightlights.As a provider of home care services for seniors, we encourage you to illuminate your bathrooms. Putting nightlights in the bathroom can help your senior loved ones to see their way to the toilet.
  • Have items within reach.Whether it’s shampoo, toothpaste, or soap, make it reachable and accessible in the shower and at the sink. Keep items in the places where your senior loved ones can use them easily. This helps eliminate unnecessary reaching, searching, standing, and the potential for accidents that comes with them.
  • Provide supervision.The best way to protect your senior loved ones is to provide them with proper supervision. TLC Nursing Registry can help in caring for your senior loved ones. We assist them in their daily task, including going to the bathroom.

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