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A Guide to Managing Metabolic Processes for Seniors


Metabolism refers to the chemical processes your body undergoes to sustain itself, and it slows as we age. However, it’s a natural physical occurrence. Decreased physical activity, medications, stress, hormonal change, and eating habits are some of the major contributors to this.

Here are some tips to improve your metabolism as you age that your in-home care services provider can definitely assist you with:

  • consume Vitamin D from sunlight and food like egg yolk and salmon
  • light exercises to decrease appetite, restore muscle loss, burn calories, and improve blood flow.
  • drink cold water and morning coffee to help you resist food
  • get enough sleep to avoid a spike in sugar levels and hunger hormones

Metabolism affects our alertness, how fast we recover from an injury or illness, and how well our medications will make changes in our bodies. Hence, in TLC Nursing Registry, your home health care in Florida, we will assist you as you religiously follow the above-mentioned tips.

We have provided our elderly clients with home care services in Broward County, Florida for 15 years already and we never missed an opportunity to make them feel loved, cared for, and confident with themselves despite their age. Our caregivers are willing to take either respite or overnight stay just to accompany them in accomplishing daily tasks.

We are very particular with quality and cost-effective in-home care for seniors to make sure that a great number of people who will be equally satisfied can avail of our services.

Partner with us today and experience the best home care services for the elderly! We offer free evaluation!

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