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Tips for Coping with a Chronic Illness

One of the most hurtful things that can happen to us is to be diagnosed with a chronic disease. It can cause a lot of negative changes in our life. We may find it difficult or impossible to do several of the things we love doing before our chronic illness. Fortunately, we can do several … Continue reading

Key Benefits of Live-In Care for Seniors

Did your loved ones reach the point of requiring round-the-clock care? Live-in care can help. With live-in care, a care professional offers in-home care services 24/7 at the patient’s home to assist in ADLs (activities of daily living). The good news is it doesn’t end there. There’s more! Read on to learn more. Independence at … Continue reading

Managing Medications Through Home Care Assistance

When it is easy to pop a pill, many people still fail to comply with their medication intakes. Non-compliance makes their symptoms worse or makes the medication ineffective. The reasons people find it hard to adhere to are forgetfulness, medication illiteracy, poor labeling instructions, lack of trust in medication, and more. As providers of home … Continue reading

Tips for Communicating with a Loved One with Dementia

Dementia is a general term for the loss of problem-solving, language, memory, and other thinking abilities. Due to its chronic or progressive nature, it leads to the deterioration in cognitive function that interferes with daily life. The impact it has on a person’s cognitive function can make it difficult to communicate. Hence, in-home care services are recommended … Continue reading

Getting the Right Care for Your Aging Loved Ones

We know precisely when our senior loved ones require constant care and assistance at home, and we should talk about the care they need to achieve a better quality of life in their senior years. TLC Nursing Registry provides the best possible Home Care Services in Broward County, Florida. Our goal is to help seniors … Continue reading

Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Maintaining an active lifestyle is important at any age, but for aging adults, it is crucial to their health. To promote healthy aging, seniors need to exercise regularly to help increase mobility and strength. However, exercising is not as easy for those with limited mobility. Hence, many seniors and their families turn to in-home care … Continue reading